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Enjoy Your Garden All Year Round

A GUIDE FROM FINCH COMPOSITE DECKING Modern composite decking has come a long way from garden paving, patios and rockery of the typical British garden.  Advancements in production, colour options, safety and other materials have made composite decking spaces to be...

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Enjoying Your Autumn Garden

Finch composite decking want you to enjoy your garden all year round. As the seasons change, we can find ways to make the most of our home both inside and out. As a UK resident, we all know that changeable weather is just part of living here. We're a small island so...

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Finch composite decking caravan systems

Our static caravan decking and balustrade systems allows to you create your ideal design to suit your static home or caravan. When it comes to caravans, your outdoor space is just as important as indoors. After all you need somewhere to relax and enjoy the sunshine...

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What is composite decking?

Composite decking is made of recycled plastic combined with wood fibres and bonding agents. This is then heated to create the boards we are all familiar with. Unlike plastic decking, composite decking has a more wood-like appearance and actually most people would not...

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Composite decking completes your garden

Your decking area is often the centre-piece of your garden area but to impress your guests and to make sure you feel at home, you often have to put in a lot of work. Traditional decking solutions are known for needing a lot of maintenance while plastic solutions just...

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Why choose composite decking?

What is the best Composite Decking and is it as good as wood? There is no denying that natural wood is beautiful, unfortunately using this for decking has serious drawbacks. For one we have probably all seen decks where the wood has either warped, split or splintered....

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