With all the fantastic benefits of our Composite decking range and designed to perfectly complement your existing composite decking, our composite fencing range is now in stock and available to buy!black composite fence image

Even if you don’t have composite decking, our fencing range is an ideal replacement for traditional timber fencing. Just imagine a maintenance free garden fence. Most of us have had to paint or stain a fence at one time or another and you will know that it’s not a one-off job, it has to be done regularly in order to keep your fence from rotting or warping. With composite fencing, you can say goodbye to awkward painting or staining, no more drip marks on your gravel boards or posts or all over your grass and borders.

With Finch fencing, all you have to do is replace your existing panels and other than a wipe down with a damp cloth from time to time, that’s it!

Finch composite fencing is really easy to install

Another great bonus to using Finch composite fencing is that you can choose the exact height of your fence. Because our composite fence is installed horizontally rather than vertically, you can build the boards up to the height you require and vary the heights as you wish. For example, you might want your fence to be higher at the bottom of your garden for added privacy – with our product, it’s really easy to do.

composite fence image

Finish your new composite fencing with our borders for a neat and clean finish which adds a stylish look to any garden and brings your garden up to date with the latest colours too! With a stunning wood-grain finish, your garden could look like something right out of a magazine article – the straight lines and horizontal boards can also make your garden look bigger.

For more information on our range of composite fencing call us today 0800 0319180 or send us an email – enquire about composite fencing