Composite decking is made of recycled plastic combined with wood fibres and bonding agents. This is then heated to create the boards we are all familiar with.

Unlike plastic decking, composite decking has a more wood-like appearance and actually most people would not know the difference at first glance. So it gives your garden that luxurious feel whereas plastic cannot emulate the texture and feel of wood.

We love the look of composite decking, but we also love the added benefits of choosing this product over timber or plastic.

The plastic that is used is recycled so you’re doing your bit for the environment! As well as this, it has a long guarantee period as it will not rot, warp or fade, this means you will not have to keep replacing and maintaining your decking due to rot. The only time you’ll really need to do anything is if you decided to change the look of your garden – your composite decking will last for years with very little maintenance other than a quick wash and sweep from time to time.

For those of you who enjoy being around your property in bare feet, you can safely walk on your composite decking with no risk of splinters or pain when walking – great for peace of mind when you have little ones too!

If you have a pool, hot tub or other wet area, you will probably find composite decking is the perfect option for you. Because it does not absorb water in the same way as timber decking, it is non slip and therefore much safer. Even for the average garden, in wet weather, timber decking can become hazardous whereas composite remains safe to walk on.

In comparison composite decking can look more expensive when you are deciding on options for your property, however, adding up the time and cost of products to maintain your timber decking, plus the years of enjoyment you will have without having to repair or replace rotton areas – composite decking soon becomes a very attractive option.