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Give Your Garden a Summer Styling

Give Your Garden a Summer StylingGet Deck-orating A great way to spruce up your outdoor living space this summer is by adding some decoration to your decking area. Decorating a deck can be an enjoyable and fulfilling task, as it allows you to customize the look of...

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Set Your Decking Up For Summer

Set Your Decking Up For SummerSummertime is the perfect time to enjoy your outdoor living space, and having a composite deck can make it even more enjoyable. Composite decks are durable, low-maintenance, and offer a unique look that will last for years to come....

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What Can You Create With Offcuts?

When finishing a project, it’s likely that you'll have some scrap offcuts. If you want to avoid waste as much as we do, why not use those leftover deck boards to create something practical and beautiful for your outdoor space like some of the things below. Perk Up...

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Composite Decking Colours

We are excited to announce our new colour for 2020! As well as our existing range, we've now added Graphite Grey composite decking as an options. New Composite Decking Colour for 2020! When it comes to composite decking, Grey is an ever popular colour due to it's...

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