What is the best Composite Decking and is it as good as wood? There is no denying that natural wood is beautiful, unfortunately using this for decking has serious drawbacks. For one we have probably all seen decks where the wood has either warped, split or splintered. Additional problems can arise and there seems a never ending coating of Algae which can damage your deck and become slippery in damp conditions. Preventing this problems inĀ  a wooden deck needs a lot of maintenance and often all this does is delay the inevitable.

It is due to these drawbacks which has seen the creation of man made Composite decking, Finch Composite decking is a truly unique product which we believe is the best composite decking money can buy. Made from a mixture of Polymers & wood powder Finch Composite decking has the look of real wood without any of the disadvantages. It provides superb grip even when wet and the special surface resists algae growth.